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Join Greg, Julian and Jenn as they journey across the country experiencing a variety of exciting transportation modes such as trucks, cars, motorcycles, ATVs, boats, jet skis, and air travel vehicles. In each episode you’ll find witty banter, competition and wagers, adrenalin, and of course a little learning along the way. These three are always up for a new outdoor travel challenge, so stay tuned for our latest episode.

It’s not where you go, "It’s How You Get There"! “




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The Team

Greg White

Greg White is all about motorsports - cars, motorcycles, boats, you name it. When he's not providing commentary for some of the world's top racing leagues, he's probably out driving anything with a steering wheel. But what is driving without a little bit of fun? Greg never misses a chance at a friendly wager with his pal and co-host, Julian - probably because he's always winning them! No matter where they're going or how long it takes, you know Greg will find his own way of making the journey interesting.

Julian Taylor

If there's one thing UK-native Julian V. Taylor knows, it's motorcycles. After spending nearly 20 years at the helm of various automotive publications, Julian has brought his wealth of knowledge to It's How You Get There. Always one to crack a joke - and a beer after a hard days work - Julian makes sure the whole crew is having fun on their way to the newest destination. As long as it's on two wheels or four, Julian is always up for the next fun adventure on It's How You Get There.

Jenn Barlow

Jenn Barlow's passion for motorsports has taken her all around the world to some of the most iconic sites in the automotive industry. After appearing as a guest during Season 1 of It's How You Get There, the Emmy Award-winner has been added to the It's How You Get There crew full time! Don't let her good looks fool you either, if it has wheels and a motor, you can bet Jenn knows everything about it. Catch her giving the boys a run for their money this season in It's How You Get There.