Partners in Show Making

Though Julian, Sam, and Jenn are mighty entertaining on their own, the fact of the matter is It’s How You Get There wouldn’t exist without incredible partners. Now taking a look at the nature of the show, you might think the only opportunity to be on the show is if you’re a vehicle company.

But it’s not JUST about how you get there. Sure, we love featuring high end automobile brands- Porsche, Mercedes, Ducati- but Partners span all different industries and it can work as long as you’re up to the creative challenge.


For example, insurance. Maybe not what you think of first when watching our show (except maybe when Julian is driving) but it is within the realm. Insurance is a key part of owning and operating any vehicle and we’ve been lucky enough to work with two different providers to bring really fun and unique storylines to episodes.


Locations are always a great partner and there’s a great opportunity for tourism boards and towns who get picked to be on IHYGT. By introducing our talent to the best of a city, town, place, you get to personify your town. Your town gets a name, a face, a personality, and an adventure associated to it and that kind of control on a narrative is hard to come by. We’ve had towns who’ve been in the show throw watch parties as well, and really get the entire community involved in the fun.

Drone shot from our Florida Keys Episode 210

Drone shot from our Florida Keys Episode 210

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Like gas/oil, or “petrol” as Julian would say. We had an opportunity to partner with Sunoco to make an episode for Season 2 that ended up being a fan favorite. Jenn, Julian, and Sam rode scooters from Miami to Daytona. Obviously, anyone doing this journey would need to fill up on gas quite a bit but why not make it a more compelling piece of the story? Having that be a part of the competition, with everyone using different payment methods helped make for a fun plotline. Jenn, always the crafty competitor, used the Sunoco app to she fly in and out. This gave her competitive edge and we were able to showcase the Sunoco app in a compelling way.

We’re always willing to meet creative challenges and therefore are interested in everyone as a potential partner /feature. And if you think your town, your business, your brand, your whatever would be a good fit?

Drop us a line. We’d love to make TV with you.

Madison Keith