Favorite Vehicles

It’s How You Get There is racing towards you in another form. While you anxiously await season three, follow along as we reminisce, go behind the scenes, and talk shop here on the IHYGT blog. This is a space for the fans! Comment with questions, concerns, REQUESTS. This space is for you.

To kick off these posts, we’re looking at our favorite vehicles from episodes past. We love all the vehicles we’ve got to ride, drive and race at this show, but some stand out. Here are our favorite vehicles as told by our stars and some of our crew.

Yamaha Wave Blaster

  • SPECS:

  • 2 stroke 3- cylinder

  • 1300 CC 210 HP fuel injected

  • Judge motorsports engine

  • Motec ignition system

  • Wamilton’s custom hull.

We all know Sam loves these, as he races on them professionally. But actually, this was another crew favorite.These things fly through the water, creating amazing splash and great action shots. Above all, Sam is a master rider. He knows how to move and work these machines to put on a fantastic show. And Julian falling face first in the water on a sharp turn? The pièce de ré·sis·tance!

Madison Keith